Freedom in Learning
    July 1, 2021
    There is freedom in learning

    Not all teachers are leaders.
    But all leaders are teachers.

    Let me lead you through a desert.
    Here your mouth will turn dry
    And your throat will learn to thirst for knowledge.
    It will be knowledge unknown to us both.

    Not all teachers are mothers.
    But all mothers are teachers.

    Let me carry you towards thirst
    As you live in gluttony.
    So that you may hunger no more
    And you may rest, as your hands grow idle
    May your mind and heart listen more deeply.

    Then will you hear me say: I love you.
    I love you enough to nurture your growth.
    A growth towards the answers you seek
    Hidden beneath the realistic fiction you preach
    You will find a seed of truth
    Covered in a kernel of meaning
    Once that freedom has consumed the spaces you locked away
    Your throat will shudder as you scream, I love you.

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