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    During KB5, we took a slightly different approach by deploying our own DAO. We used this DAO to experiment with various different ideas for organisation, weaving the lessons we learned into a few basic insights from which a more complete DAO pattern language can be born.

    In order to achieve this, we came up with a number of Dungeons and Dragons-like prompts which we could use to "accelerate" the experience of our DAO, deciding how we would respond and then using those responses as the basis to think of healthy patterns real-world DAOs can employ to handle different situations that may occur at different levels of scale in their own evolution. You can find all the prompts we put together here as well as recordings of each of the sessions below:

    Session 1 - A Prehistory of DAOs

    Session 2 - Tudhope's Wifi Club

    Session 3 - Practical Play


    As a means of continuously improving the way we approach DAOs and the kinds of dragons we confront in each block, we began KB7 with an altered version of the first session, now entitled "Rough Consensus and Running Worlds". This may remind you of funded code running consensus from our governance module and we encourage you to comtemplate the two together as you watch the recordings taken during KB7.

    Session 1 - Rough Consensus and Running Worlds

    Session 2 - Part of the Pattern

    Bonus DAO Roast with Isaac Patka

    Infinite Learning

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