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    Locus of Control

    We’ve developed a holistic view of the dimensions of regeneration and looked into the value of leverage points for those hoping to steer a complex adaptive system. Now we consider what may be the most important question of all: what can I do? What lies within my locus of control?

    Donella Meadows identified the most powerful leverage point as

    The power to transcend paradigms

    A paradigm exists in a mind — it is the lens through which one looks at the world. And this lens can be reshaped through conscious effort. You are a leverage point.

    This week we explore ways we can transcend our own selves to lead the societal transformation we hope to realize. Regeneration starts within. By living a life of flourishing, your incandescence can overflow into your family, your community, your workplace.


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    More Resources:

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    Identifying Key Leverage Points
    Decentralized Intelligence