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    Starry Networks

    “We need to be building cultures before structures” -- Ruth Catlow

    “As a guiding star, web3 applications could aim to introduce value in relations which have been historically denied it, such as labor and the environment, rather than creating new financialized relations.” -- Kei Kreutler

    “If we schematize the world as a ledger, what happens to us, our relations, how we feel and exist? If we schematize the world as organized by cosmic resonances, as in classical east asian philosophy, what happens? If we schematize the world as waves, which encode messages and may be heard and read, what kinds of poetry would we hear from the vibration of objects?” -- Kelsey Chen

    This build guild is intended as a deep dive into a future where we co-develop open tools for more valuable collaboration. In order to do that, we'll start by going all the way back to the beginning of cooperatives and beyond. Everyone is welcome to join this first conversational session, which will introduce the above and explore the possibilities for culture in The Guilded Age.

    In Sessions II, III and IV, we'll be taking a selected group of people through Zodiac: what it is, how to use it, and how to build new stuff for everyone with it. The only criteria for joining this session is that you must be willing to teach others in your block what you learn by hosting your own session at some stage. This is how p2p learning propagates.

    We'll also record all the sessions, so even if you don't get a seat, don't stress: all the knowledge will always be freely available.

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