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    • There Will Be Buds (Solved)
    There Will Be Buds (Solved)

    "For how many aeons have secret blossoms been budding and falling?"

    The lotus flower
    Is unstained by mud;
    This single dewdrop,
    Just as it is,
    Manifests the real body of truth.

    Move with us through module one in order to find meaning which is valuable within the context of your own life. Honest appreciation of how such patterns play out in your own experience, combined with trust that we all share the same ground, may lead you into a deeper, lived awareness of how value and meaning arises in the space which only seems to separate us.

    For those who make it through, there is a unique NFT courtesy of Adrian le Bas and the ethblock.art team. It is a rare, budding Maurer Rose, uniquely generated from Block 1987064.

    The riddle begins here. Hamba kahle.

    The Bud of the Bud
    Meaning Full Truth