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    • Build A Better Web, Together
    Build A Better Web, Together

    The intention of the Learn Track is to present "ever-green" content: ways of thinking that will be relevant and useful for at least the next decade. Of course, this is not possible when looking at specific tools and techniques - as we must do in the Build Track - which change every few months as technology continues to advance along an exponential curve.

    Therefore, the Build Track is organised into more ephemeral "build guilds", which will likely change or be updated every few blocks. The intention is exactly the same: we wish to impart the necessary skills you need to participate meaningfully in web3. The way we do so differs: rather than a largely static syllabus, we invite the best builders, creators, artists, inventors, hackers, tinkerers and gift-givers to present shorter courses in an area of their speciality.

    Over time, we hope to gather here actual web3 legos: really useful building blocks of all shapes and sizes, scattered across multiple blocks, which you can put together yourself into something unique and beautiful.

    Kernel Build Track

    For the Love of Games