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    • 🌱 Welcome To Kernel
    🌱 Welcome To Kernel¢

    Kernel is a peer-to-peer learning environment dedicated to the journey towards a better understanding of truth: in our work, in our relationships with others, and in our inner worlds.

    πŸ’‘ Learn freely, work on your craft, have fun, find the others.

    Our question is: how can we build a better web for the people we care about?

    And one possible question for you is: how can I participate in a way that honours my gifts, and who I really am?

    Our answer is: seed an educational environment where people come to trust, through first-hand experience, that we can learn together how to create with care.

    What is Kernel, though?ΒΆ

    Kernel is nine weeks of conversation in a "block" of ~150-300 people intended to connect creativity with care. We aim to change the way we think of contributing and the kinds of projects to which we contribute. Kernel is about humility, honesty, gratitude, and intentional service.


    We are humble because, through our curiosity, our creativity, our suffering, our joy we have come to know and embody how little any one person can know in isolation.


    We are honest because it is the most courageous way to live, the straightest path from head to heart, and the means of connecting them permanently.


    We are grateful because there is no other choice. Any examined life can only ever lead, in the final analysis, to gratitude beyond reason or measure.


    Our intention is to serve, because it brings us back - again and again - to humility.


    We are patient, because planting a seed is not enough: the kernel will only sacrifice itself and become a forest in the right season.

    ✨ Transformation, not information¢

    Kernel is not about overwhelming you with information. It is about slowly building, through repeated interactions with peers, the patterns (both internal and external) required for a better web. These patterns include humble decisiveness, careful insight, compassionate critique, rational reciprocity and many other complementary opposites which take into account the full spectrum of human awareness.

    Take your time to go through each module. Stop what you're doing, breathe, set aside an hour to focus, and return again tomorrow or next week when you have enough space to do the same. For the first time in history, the tools we use to write history are fundamentally shared and rooted in consensus. This is a time to pause, reflect and turn attention to the kinds of incentives which will cultivate our ability to live together, each and every one of us.

    Principled People
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