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    Cultured conversations

    After the roaring success of nfteasy, we decided to take a step back and consider NFTs and culture in crypto from a broader and less technical lense. Previous fellows Ben Percifeld and Yulia Babnova graciously agreed to host the first guild in KB5 and you can find recordings of all the insightful and humourous sessions they held below. After they did so, Sparrow Read brought her unique perspective and artistic experience to the mix during KB7, which you can also explore below.


    From the first link above, we run straight into the kind of contradictions which, when held honestly and with humble grace, can remake a culture:

    "Titled sits in the contradiction at the heart of the entire concept of NFTs: we perform ownership of things that cannot be possessed [...] For Myers, there is no outside. There is no safe, neutral position from which to assess art, technology, capital, or anything else [...] A lot of art exists, according to Myers, simply to assuage the anxiety of liberals who can decode reassuring symbols then go merrily on their way without ever confronting their entanglement in systems they claim to oppose. The transparency and pragmatism of the blockchain, if taken to its logical conclusion, is something that could genuinely threaten this way of being."



    Session 1 - Midnight of the Mainstream, Dawn of the Delta

    Session 2 - Signs of the Times

    Session 3 - The Platform

    Session 4 - Kernel Services


    KB5 Session 1 - Art History

    KB5 Session 2 - Marketing in Crypto

    KB5 Session 3 - Panel Discussion

    From the Archives

    Ready-ing the Soil with Nora Bateson & Tom Atlee

    Sarah Zucker Redefines Ownership

    Sarah Zucker Redefines... Everything

    Community Wisdom Gardening