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    Table of contents

    • Session III
      • Across the Universe
        • Objective
        • Preparation
        • Application
        • Recording
    Session III

    We now know both the map of our distributed stars and their various constellations. We can read and use this map to navigate the shared universe we are all building together. However, DAOs don't exist in just one place. Often, their functions are distributed across different networks, depending on the specific needs they have and the contexts within which they operate.

    Across the Universe


    Get experience setting up a cross platform Zodiac mod.


    1. Introducing SafeSnap: The first in a decentralized governance tool suite for the Gnosis Safe, Gnosis (2021);
    2. Reality Module tutorial, Gnosis (2021);
    3. Optional: What are Oracles?, EthHub (2021)


    • Zodiac Reality (5 minutes plus 5 minute Q&A)
      • Review how Zodiac Reality works
      • Brief introduction to the concept of oralces
    • Zodiac Reality (50 minutes plus 5 minute Q&A)
      • Guided tutorial on setting up Zodiac Reality Module on a Rinkeby Gnosis Safe
      • Follow along as a Zodiac Reality Module is connected to a Snapshot space
      • Participants vote on 1 proposal on a test Gnosis Guild Snapshot space


    Zodiac Meanings

    Expanding Universe
    The Open Multiverse