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    • NFTeasy

    Everybody and their pet penguin has an NFT project these days. This is one of the features of open and permissionless technology: it’s wonderful until everyone starts using it, at which point it immediately feels overwhelming. But don’t grieve, dear heart, nor fear the seeming: here is waking in the dreaming.

    We’ll run through the tools you need to start writing your own contracts and consider whether it’s even interesting at all to create non-fungible digital items. This will not immediately make you into a shadowy super coder, but it will give you the skills and knowledge to understand, analyse and navigate the less fungible and supposedly more permanent parts of web3.

    There will be four lessons, and each will last for ~2hours, as the intention is to have a lot of space for shared explorations, questions, and a calm approach to learning about a new world.

    The Would From The Trie

    Re-Enter The Kingdom
    Long Life Libraries

    Table of contents