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    • 💰 The Global Financial System
    💰 The Global Financial System

    After introducing you to the way we will think throughout this course and providing the example of trust in order to demonstrate what it means to keep complementary opposites always in mind, we then spent Week 1 exploring value and meaning. These two critical concepts will inform how we play the rest of the nascent Web 3 patterns out over the next 6 weeks.

    We hope that you can already appreciate a little bit more deeply how to make meaning from the raw material of your life; not necessarily through grandiose action, but rather as the result of joyful little subversions along the way of real awareness and humility. A life lived wide awake naturally leads to various explorations of trust and value; the kinds of shared truth we preserve in narrative and pass between generations. Now that we have ownerless, borderless protocols for recording such history, we can potentially multiply the effects of thousands of little individual subversions into a more stable, global joy.

    Belly Laughs

    The introduction might make you think this week will continue along the idealistic and abstract thread we have been drawing out. However, we're going to be diving deep into the guts of the financial system, various ways to read its history, and how it actually works today. We'll even throw in a balance sheet and a T account or two.

    We'll begin with a short introduction to asking better questions, because it really is worth asking about why systems are the way they currently are before moving straight into a disruptive mindset. From there, we'll take an extended journey - through the links between money and speech - into the very belly of the beast. Buckle up friends: it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

    Week 2 Firesides

    Sep Kumvar, Xochitl Cazador & Rebecca Mqamelo - Septmeber 29, 2022

    Annaliese Milano & Scott Moore - October 14, 2021

    Rebecca Mqamelo & Annaliese Milano - June 3, 2021

    Kevin Owocki - July 23, 2020

    Joyful Subversion
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