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    • No More Audiences
    No More Audiences

    We began this page with a lot more content, but were stopped by a simple insight: culture is happening, it is not archived. It is a word uniquely slanted to the present tense.

    Our stance now is that you will see how we approach culture by being with us, rather than reading our Resources section. We leave only the slightest indications for you to consider.

    Rhea Myers

    One of the first people in the world to begin thinking about art and crypto, way back in the distant past of 2012. This blog is full of hidden gems.

    The Future of Fandom

    An incredible deck from Zoe. H/T to Adrian le Bas for sharing it.

    Open The Metaverse

    6529 tweeting some deep truths.

    Three pointers to help you
    triangulate the moon.
    What good are they
    when it grows in you,
    each one of us a petri dish
    for the play of god,
    this endless game
    of give and take,
    up and down,
    fame and fortune.
    Move on, my friend,
    there is nothing to find.
    We are already dust,
    a few more bits
    in the digital dreaming
    that we can be anywhere else
    but in the palm of love,
    so muster up the courage
    to kiss your wound
    all the way up.
    It may just blossom.
    We may just birth a new world.

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