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    • Research

    This page is intended for all of the great and intersting resources our community has gathered which are not specifically tools, but which are worthy of your attention.


    Video is a more effective mnemonic medium than text. Two non-crypto channels that we feel do the best job of illustrating why are 3blue1brown and Like Stories of Old.

    The YouTube channels we link to below are not necessarily research in the traditional sense. They are much more about sense-making, which is itself a fascinating modern phenomena to research. These channels are included on this page not because of their rigour, but to suggest to you that research may be changing in ways those in academia simply cannot fathom, and that there are ways to research in public (just like coding in public) which can be enormously beneficial, both to you as a creator and to the wider public you serve.

    Whiteboard Crypto

    One of the best YouTube channels for general crypto concepts.


    The other best YouTube channel for general crypto concepts.

    Foundations of Blockchains

    Likely the best place to get to grips with the low level fundamentals, taught by Tim Roughgarden.


    Research often does come down to simply parsing lots of information. This section is your opportunity to get good at that.

    The Short Overview

    A succinct and insightful list of resources, in chronological order

    The Token Economy

    One of the OG resources, begun before 2015.

    H/T EF Research Team

    The Other Internet

    A fascinating collaboration between many big minds. Begin with Squad Wealth. Complement with:

    How to DAO

    A four-week, better-than-free course on the future of co-operation, created by Stephen Reid.

    Web3 Fundamentals

    A really fantastic course provided for free by some friends of ours.

    H/T John

    Bitcoin Information

    Jameson Lopp's Bitcoin Resource lists.


    A book that maps the history and evolution of cryptocurrencies, written by a Kernel fellow.

    H/T David Stancel

    Job Resources

    A great free guide that is still relevant today, we assure you.

    H/T Jo-Ann Hamilton

    WEF Toolkit

    The ultimate corporate toolkit. Very serious ;)

    H/T Gyan


    This section will be fleshed out in blocks yet to come, as it becomes clear where the most valuable contributions and research are happening.

    ReFi Podcast

    Conversations with a changing climate.

    KlimaDAO on Bankless

    A wonderful conversation about global coordination.

    Toucan Protocol

    Cultivating planetary stewardship.


    While there are wonderful tools and informative news sources already listed on the security page of this section, securing code on public, adversarial networks has required - and will continue to require - a great deal of groundbreaking research. Here we present some of the most interesting pieces we have touched on in Kernel.

    Smashing Smart Contracts for Fun and Profit

    The original paper by Bernhard on profiting from fun and the security analysis tool Mythril.

    Automated Tooling

    A fascinating list of security resources from Johan which, despite our aversion to such things, is too good not to include here.

    Zero Knowledge

    Likely the most research-intensive aspect of the cryptographic world as it has applied to blockchains, we present here just a few of the growing number of resources available to help you first understand, and then begin to implement your own, zero-knowledge schemes. This short video is a good place to start if you know nothing about zero knowledge. Take a read through Eli Ben Sasson's mammoth twitter thread for another great entry point.

    ZeroKnowledge FM

    Anna Rose's podcast collects presentations on zero knowledge topics from different teams and should serve as a great entry into more technical research.

    A comprehensive learning experience which covers some theory and a lot of practice.

    Matter Labs

    This is the "zkSNARKs bible".

    H/T Luka

    The Industry Overview

    An in-depth post from the zcash team, with many wonderful links to further research.

    The Academic Overview

    A surprisingly straightforward explanation, with examples. AZTEC Protocol’s paper by Zachary J. Williamson is also relevant here.

    H/T Roshan Raghupathy


    Enjoy two for the price of one with the PLONK paper by the AZTEC team and Vitalik’s comments.


    If you have imbibed our distate of Awesome lists, you can likely guess how we feel about spreadsheets. However, there are always exceptions that prove the rule, and here we list just a few of them for specific domains in which you may be interested.

    Token Economics Resource List

    Literally everything you could ever want to know about tokens, and probably lots you don't.

    All NFT Marketplaces

    Taken from this awesome list.

    All Messenger Protocols

    An insightful spreadsheet for anyone working on messaging.

    H/T Dhruv Malik

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