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    Free Learning ForeverΒΆ

    Kernel is, first and foremost, a community of human beings trying to learn together about the best ways to build a genuinely better web. In order to do that, we present here a brand new kind of learning medium.

    Based on the feedback from over 800 people who have already completed this course, we have taken the eight weeks of structured content we first created and produced very specific flashcards. These serve as "reflected essays" and highlight the most critical insights from each piece. The idea is to use the flashcards to build a spaced repetition memory system, so that it is easy for you to remember everything you learn in Kernel.

    The flashcards are not examination questions! They are self-assessed, and you can mark them however you like. We provide them only to assist your own process and make it more clear what we think the most relevant points really are.

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    Future PlansΒΆ

    In short, we are building the world's first token-powered spaced repetition learning environment. What on earth do those words even mean? Well, do the course to find out...

    We took Andy Matuschak's and Michael Nielsen's work on the mnemonic medium, and figured out a way to ensure it stays effectively free forever, while still generating income. Which sounds impossible, until you realise what programmable money really means, which Kernel will teach you (now both in content and use).

    To use the flashcards, you will need to sign up and lock some DAI. We take that DAI and put it into a yield-bearing protocol for you. Completing all the cards should take a few months from when you sign up. At the end of that period, whether you have completed them successfully or not, you can claim your DAI back.

    If you chose to mint LEARN tokens with your fee, which guarantee you access to Kernel forever, we'll add the yield to your amount minted. If you just claim the DAI back because you don't want to be a part of the community, we'll give you your full fee back, but keep any yield you earned for maintenance and improvement of our courses.

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