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    Table of contents

    • Kernel Principles
        • ⌛️ Web3 Principles
        • 🌈 Personal Principles
      • Meet The KERNEL Fellows
      • Giving First
      • Projects & Teams
    Kernel Principles¶

    Kernel's primary goal is simple: learn together. We do this by crafting careful peer-learning environments. In creating such environments, we adhere to two principles, one for "web3" and one more personal:


    Do no harm


    Play, infinitely

    We can expand on these principles through detailing sixteen more, each one derived from one of the core enquiries in Kernel.

    ⌛️ Web3 Principles¶

    1. Trust is not only transactional.
    2. Shared truths create value.
    3. Learn the limits. Then you're free.
    4. Money means speech.
    5. Incentives inform everything.
    6. Liberate radical institutions.
    7. Resist censorship economically.
    8. Scale ability.

    🌈 Personal Principles¶

    1. Play with pattern.
    2. Develop the means to mean.
    3. Ask better questions.
    4. Consider your intention first.
    5. Listen to and tell better stories.
    6. Together, individuals govern well.
    7. Learn how to love learning.
    8. Giving is sacred.
    Meet The KERNEL Fellows¶


    Richa Joshi
    Simona Pop
    Tagan Horton
    Paul Gadi
    Angela Gilhotra
    Holly Grimm
    En Canada
    Rebecca Mqamelo
    Diana Chen
    Nichanan Kesonpat
    Sister Tibebwa
    Rachel Black
    Harsh Rajat
    Sebnem Rusitschka
    Milensu Kapaipi
    Ben Percifield
    Juliette Chevalier
    Liz Strong
    Jenil Thakker
    Alisa Khieu
    Alex Masmej
    Rafaella Baraldo
    Michael Keating
    Jo-Ann Hamilton
    Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru
    Zsuzsanna Tasi
    Val Mack
    Darrell Jones
    Zayi Reyes
    Pranay Walson
    Eman Herawy
    William Schwab
    Veronica Coutts
    Ben Lakoff
    Alexandra McCarroll
    Nazariy Vavryk
    Sarah Hamburg
    Abe Uccello
    Yuguang Ipsen
    Richard Blythman
    Jasmine Wang
    David Phelps
    Claudie Linke
    Dilan Shah
    Matt Stephenson
    Michelle Ma
    Daanish Shabbir
    Yulia Babanova
    Muhammad Hameed
    Anna Kryukova
    Divine Artis
    Julian Traversa
    Sylvia R.
    Martin Etzrodt
    Brittney Scott
    Matthew Scott Jones
    Kelsey Chen
    Jack Sanford
    Paulo Almeida
    Renee Maria Lee
    Tim Courtney
    Elena Giralt
    Greg Becker
    Stephanie Bazley
    Amarnath Jayanti
    Kyle Smith
    Guillermo Acuna
    Rich Blundell
    Anett Rolikova
    Anuj Kumar Kodam
    Denham Preen
    Nate Gosselin
    Julia Wu
    Jad Esber
    James Young
    Kris Urbas
    Giving First¶

    We are here to serve each other, because we are each others' environment. Genuine service also takes us towards the goal of any way to meaningful self knowledge, which is the realisation that there is, in truth, no otherness.

    We also have a common, external purpose: to serve the continued creation of free money. In this context, Kernel is a gift. It literally began that way: Vivek set out to give back to a community which had given him a livelihood the kind of experience he had found so meaningful in his formative years. Andy set out to give Vivek the kind of educational model which would allow him to do so. And each block is carefully and intentionally crafted with all sorts of gifted people, each unique, though we all carry the desire to share our gifts with the world around us. It is the still-beating heart of an old way of being which we are slowly bringing into the digital world.

    We learn from each other, and we give of ourselves until self and other lose the sense of separation which so often rules our interactions. And in this is a truth which cannot be given or received, it can only be grown in your own heart as you come to trust in the inalienable value of who you already are.

    Projects & Teams¶


    Toucan ProtocolProgrammable carbon for a regenerative economy
    Impact MarketDecentralized Poverty Alleviation Protocol
    EPNSBlockchain based notifications that are chain agnostic, platform independent and incentivized
    Idea MarketThe credibility layer of the internet
    Good GhostingA better way to grow your savings
    Swivel FinanceThe protocol for interest-rate derivatives
    EthBlockArtCreate your own deterministic art painting Ethereum blocks, mint NFTs.
    Charged ParticlesNow, every NFT can contain digital assets
    Revert Finance
    Nifty InkInstantly onboarding artists: no downloads, no onramps
    TryBonfireBuild a home for your web3 community
    ReachThe platform for practical blockchain development
    DePayWeb3 payments with any token
    SherlockDeFi exploit protection
    TryCryptoA community of women builders that uses decentralized technology to create a fairer, more just society.
    LlamaA hub for crypto community treasuries
    DefiSafetyYour guide to a safe DeFi Experience
    Atlantis WorldWeb3 social metaverse
    Dada.artSpeak through drawings
    dOrgWe accelerate development and adoption for our favorite Web3 projects
    Pr1s0nArtDigital art which pays back prisoner debt, restoring justice and the dignity of returning citizens
    CryptoNative Podcastfuturealisha's great beginning
    CoinshiftSmart treasury management for DAOs and companies
    PaladinThe Ultimate Ally for Better Governance
    ParcelTreasury Management, simplified for DAOs
    Beyond NFTA playground for generative creativity
    Metaverse AIBuilding the open metaverse with AI and web3
    MyCoCooperatives, communities, collective and companies all in one
    OpenDiveDeFi MMO RPG game on Solana, powered by ProjectSerum. Inspired by RuneScape, and Albion Online.
    PlanckNFTs for open science
    Stake.ggNo limit prediction markets
    TimelessTimeless products for a world in a rush
    ZapperA Web3 discoverability platform.
    AkropolisEarn DeFi yield on autopilot
    Conducting Code
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