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    • The Kernel Gaming Track
    The Kernel Gaming Track¶

    Gaming Track

    The Kernel Gaming Track has the same Core Learning Objectives as the Kernel Learn Track, with a greater focus on those building games and other incentivized systems in Web 3.

    After each module in the Learn Track, we will share a few more articles that will hopefully deepen your appreciation of the learnings, this time in a gaming context. We'll supplement these with Firesides with invited guest speakers, plus juntos among our peer mentors.


    The Core Learning will contain a brief summary of one of the topics in the Learn Track for the given week. It's intended to be a quick recap for those who didn't have the time to go through the whole module.


    The Crafted Reading is a set of articles to broaden our knowledge of the Core Learning. We hope you'll read them before each Fireside as they'll be the points of discussion.


    The Curated Material will be a collection of other links that should be helpful for those who want to dive deeper. They will cover a wider range of topics related not just to the Core Learning but to the week's whole Learn Track module.


    Firesides are held weekly on Wednesdays 10 AM EST. Click Here to add it to your calendar 📅


    The general structure of Firesides will be a 20-minute on-stage discussion of the Core Learning and Crafted Reading material, followed by a breakout activity.


    Throughout the course of each week, we will also have a number of smaller conversations on a variety of themes. These conversations are hosted between you and other members of your cohort, because we learn best from our own peers.

    📖 Learning Modules¶
    Learn Track ModuleGaming Track Module
    🌠 Introduction to KernelPatterns and Trust
    🌍 Ethereum's History and StateJamming on Value
    💰 A Global Financial SystemThe Business of Games
    🌐 Take Back The WebFreedom and Open Source
    ℹ️ Internet Age Institutions...
    📈 Tokens and Mechanism DesignGame Discoverability
    ⚖️ Scaling Principled Games & The GiftThe Infinite Game
    🙏 A Word of Thanks, A Game Each Week 🎮¶

    We look forward to having meaningful conversations and playing games together each week. Thank you for being part of this journey!

    Here's a relevant quote (and a game!) from one of my favorite game designers:

    Your interpretation of the game is more important than my intentions.
    Module 0