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    • Crafted Reading - The Business of Games
    Crafted Reading - The Business of Games

    The fascinating history of video games goes back way before our 1997 timeline. One notable event was the Atari Shock, a great example of an industry disruption.

    At the start of 2020, video games received significant pandemic-fueled growth, growing 12% year-over-year compared to last year's 3%. Superdata's annual research is a good look into the video game industry and its subsectors.

    The PSP Mini is one of those game technologies that were left behind in a disruption. Even the backing of a huge conglomerate couldn't save the console, as smart phones became more powerful and developer-friendly.

    A valiant effort to disrupt the console market, a small team decides to create a new Android-based games console. It ultimately fails and is sold to Razer, but for a time it was the symbol of an independent, open platform.

    Activision's Skylanders found success with this genre of games integrated with physical toys. Other publishers piled on the genre until the bubble burst in 2016, culminating in huge game studios being abruptly shut down.

    A primer on Quadratic Funding, one of the tools we now have to be able to remodel our game economies.

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    Breakout Activity

    For this week, we'll be using Tableau and Google Sheets to create a similar timeline of relevant articles for our Web 3 projects.

    Make a copy of each one, and then go to a relevant industry news source. Do a search for topics / technologies related to your project (for NFT projects for example, some valid searches are "virtual items", "art", "generative graphics"), and then curate at least one article for each of the last 10 years.

    Once done, please share your Tableau project on Slack. It will be useful learning also for your peers! 🙌

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