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    • Crafted Reading - Freedom and Open Source
    Crafted Reading - Freedom and Open Source

    Nicky Case's Loopy helps us think in systems via an easy-to-use web app. Great for illustrating and sharing simple systems.

    Free Our Items

    In 2018, the idea of NFTs being used in games started to gain traction. This was largely due to the success of Cryptokitties, and with the several startups that started to explore what the technology means for current game ecosystems.

    Open Source Everything

    Created by Lawrence Lessig, a relevant mental model for thinking of the systems that affect us and the products we build.

    Closed Fiefdoms of the platform world, you weary giants of stocks and small talk, I come from the Pluriverse, the new home of the Heart. On behalf of the future, I invite you to join us.

    [The code] will present the greatest threat to both liberal and libertarian ideals, as well as their greatest promise. We can build, or architect, or code cyberspace to protect values that we believe are fundamental. Or we can build, or architect, or code cyberspace to allow those values to disappear. There is no middle ground. There is no choice that does not include some kind of building. Code is never found; it is only ever made, and only ever made by us.

    Solid is a mid-course correction for the Web by its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. It realizes Tim’s original vision for the Web as a medium for the secure, decentralized exchange of public and private data.

    Breakout Activity

    For this week, we'll be drawing 🟠 circles and ↗ arrows.

    Below is Nicky Case's diagram of interconnected systems. We've tried to identify Web 3 concepts and technologies that could be part of each system and have added them beside their respective nodes.

    Where would your product fit in this diagram? Consider which systems your product affects and which ones affect it back.

    Don't hesitate to add or remove nodes and arrows. This is just a model to help you think through systems, and there is no correct answer.

    Click on the

    🔀 REMIX
    button to begin.

    Once done, please share your diagrams on Slack. It will be useful learning also for your peers! 🙌

    Going Further

    If you'd like to model more intricate systems you can taka a look at Machinations.

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