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    • Curated Material - Game Discoverability
      • More Signals v. Noise
    Curated Material - Game Discoverability

    A third-party service that analyzes trends and historical data on Steam. Also a good case study on how data asymmetry affects game developers, and how we can still find ways around the opacity of data.

    Steam is arguably the most open platform out of all the app stores, and they regularly publish their efforts on how to improve game discoverability via these Steam Lab experiments. Some of their earlier experiments revolved around Curators.

    The Epic Store is the second most popular PC-based app store. This public feature roadmap gives us a glimpse into what a platform considers as priorities when building frontends for discovery. Epic has a different take on curation and discovery, opting to do it via Creators that they directly incentivize.

    Epic Creators
    More Signals v. Noise

    It's good practice to take a look at platforms and communities where we could learn how to optimize for discovery. Below are some recommended sources.

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