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    We have collected here a number of methods, techniques, and practices which can help you understand different parts of somatic dance and the sorts of movement we are interested in exploring together. It is important to note that you do not need to know any of these to participate in our sessions - we curate them here only for those interested in understanding more of the background which informs how we approach this guild. Antonio has a rich history in both dance and the academy, and we are lucky to have people like Marlon fron dance-tech and Reyna and Jeanne from MotionDAO participating with us, all of whom add immeasurably to the knowledge base which can help you understand intellectually what your body already knows.

    Alexander Technique

    Feldenkrais Method

    Body Mind Centering

    Trance Dance

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    Release Technique

    Cunningham Technique

    Contact Improvisation

    Plantetary Dance

    Dance Classes

    Table of contents