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    • ⚖️ Scaling Principled Games
    ⚖️ Scaling Principled Games

    It's easy to lose your bearings when trying to conceive of a planetary-scale, decentralized, networked virtual machine which provides a shared, ownerless computing surface on which we can run the global financial system; reimagine the web and our organisational customs; alter the incentives which power society and ultimately create the interpersonal trust required to play principled, infinite games with each other.

    Last week we asked you what constitutes persuasion and argued that it is language which performs what it says. We've highlighted how economic code which distributes value by virtue of how it is expressed constitutes a new class of performative speech acts of a most meaningful kind. Hopefully, you're beginning to see how this course is itself a kind of chain: each module linked in ever greater detail to the ones before; each piece within each week indebted to many others which transform it from something which stands alone into part of a bigger, digital picture.

    Mirror Play

    This week is an opportunity for simple reflection. Kernel is built around "ever-green" content and so, while there is a great deal of information about scaling and staking available, we'll only cover the Ethereum 2.0 Design Rationale and the Bret Victor video you were promised in Week 1, both balanced by an old Spanish poetic idea.

    Take your time, enjoy the serene pace, and let's co-create some beautifully principled games to play with one another.

    When you learn something, you should be able to teach it to people. You should put the same effort into teaching as into learning. And if you want to teach, you should be humble enough to learn something. Then you can teach. If you try to teach just because you know something, you cannot teach anything. When you are ready to be taught by someone, then, if necessary, you can teach people in the true sense of the word. So, to learn is to teach and to teach is to learn." - Shunryu Suzuki

    Week 6 Firesides

    Jasmine Wang & Daanish Shabbir - November 11, 2021

    Andy Tudhope - July 1, 2021

    Vitalik Buterin - Feb 25, 2021

    Dany Ryan - Aug 20, 2020

    Of Prosocial Value
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